The hardest working appliance in your home... is the most neglected.

A properly cleaned out vacuum can help keep more of the dust and dirt in the vacuum and out of your air inside your home. Joe Filter offers a vacuum clean-out service to help decrease the amount of debris kicked up into the air you breathe every time you vacuum.

Joe Filter will take your dirty vacuum and make it sparkle once again. Your vacuum will be taken outside to the Joe Filter service van where it will be cleared of any dust using compressed air and wiped down with a microfiber cloth to clean away any left over dirt. If you like, your Joe Filter technician will remove and dispose of your dirty vacuum bag. If your vacuum is bag-less, your vacuum canister will be emptied and cleaned with every vacuum clean-out service.

Joe Filter will also clean out your hand held vacuums, shop vacs, and don’t forget about your central vacuum system.

Let Joe Filter handle the dirtiest job at your house!