Put Your Home on Autopilot

You get 4 visits per year and Joe Filter handles all your Air Filters, Fridge and Reverse Osmosis Filters, Smoke Detector Batteries, Dryer Vent Cleaning, Water Softener Salt, Vacuum Clean-outs, and Light Bulb Replacements!

Not enough? Don't worry we offer customized Autopilot plans if you need a little more Joe in your life... Important tasks. Affordable service. Crime Free Employees. No contracts!

Why Autopilot?

Nothing is more important than your family's health and safety. Changing filters and smoke detector batteries is important, but it’s often at the bottom of your to do list. When you find the time, you seldom have the supplies. You run to the store to go get what you need, but did you remember the right size? Did you get the right model?

Joe Filter’s Autopilot program takes the hassle out of keeping your home healthy, happy, and safe. No more worrying about the sizes or model numbers. Joe Filter puts your home on a schedule and handles everything needed to stay on top of your healthy home maintenance. No more low battery chirps from your smoke detectors, no more making trips to the hardware store, and no more remembering to order online. Joe Filter Home Services are safe and simple, it truly is autopilot for your home.

How it Works


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Custom plans are also available to fit your needs.