Is a chirping smoke detector leaving you feeling... Frustrated? 

Ever hear that BEEP at 2:00 AM? Ever end up taking a smoke detector down to make it quiet?  Ever forget to put one back up? Ever loose a good night's sleep? Ever stare up at your high ceilings wondering how you are ever going to replace the battery in that smoke detector without falling off a teetering ladder?

Joe Filter will replace all of your smoke alarm batteries in your home, even the hard to reach ones.  Never wait for the beep again. Joe Filter will ensure that all of your batteries are changed during the same service call and kept on the same battery replacement schedule. 

Be prepared in case of the unthinkable.

When Should I replace my Smoke Detector Batteries?

Smoke detector batteries should all be replaced at the same time, every 6 months. This ensures your detectors have a fresh battery and are ready in case of an emergency. It also prevents that awful low battery chirp from ruining your day or night.


Pro Tip:

Did you know that your smoke alarms should be replaced after 10 years? Most smoke alarms are intended to only function properly for 10 years and need to replaced. Keep in mind your smoke alarms are always monitoring the air inside your home. That is equivalent to 5,259,487 minutes of service once your detector reaches 10 years old.