Healthy Home in a Box

Every six months a box arrives at your door filled with your air filters, water filters, and smoke detector batteries. No more going to the store, trying to remember the right sizes, or when you changed things last. Simply fill out your home profile and we'll ship out a box every six months. You don’t even need to put on pants.

What People Are Saying

"I just love the fact that all the filters I need are always here"
-Evelyn P.    Kenosha, WI
"My house is cleaner and my water tastes better. Clean filters, go figure."
-Kevin D.    Portland, OR
"My son signed me up and now it's so much easier to keep on top of my housekeeping."
-Ester M.    Memphis, TN

How it Works

  1. step 1
    Sign Up
    Complete your sign up. It’s fast and simple.
  2. step 2
    Specify Filters
    Complete your Home Profile by selecting the filters you need.
  3. step 3
    Get Your Box
    Receive your Healthy Home in a Box every six months.


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Why Healthy Home in a Box?

Changing filters and smoke detector batteries is important, but it’s often at the bottom of your to do list. When you actually have the time to do it, you seldom have the supplies. You run to the store to go get what you need, but did you remember the right size? Do you get the right model? Joe Filter’s Healthy Home in a Box takes the hassle out of keeping your home healthy, happy, and safe. No more forgetting sizes or not grabbing the right model. Every six months we ship you a box with everything you need to stay on top of your healthy home maintenance. No more low battery chirps from your smoke detectors, no more making multiple trips to the hardware store, and no more remembering to order online. Quality filters. Low prices. No commitment.

Healthy. Happy. Safe.

The quality of your home’s water, the cleanliness of your home’s air, the function of your smoke detectors – these issues are crucial to your health and well-being. Too often, they’re ignored. Filters go unchanged, damaging HVAC and water systems, and chirping batteries run out, endangering the safety of your family.

With Joe Filter’s Healthy Home Services or Healthy home in a Box you can relax knowing Joe’s got this!


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