Are You Overlooking a Fire Risk in your Home?

Dryer Vents are seldom seen and rarely worried about, but they are a very important part of keeping a healthy and safe home. According to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission there are over 15,000 home fires a year caused by dirty dryer vents. Lint and debris gets backed up in the vent reducing air flow. This can decrease dryer efficiency and cause fires. While a lot of homeowners are aware of the risks associated with dirty dryer vents not everyone has the time, proper equipment, or know how to keep their dryer vent adequately cleaned.

Joe Filter's Dryer Vent Cleaning Service is a complete end to end cleaning of your dryer's exhaust system. We clean the entire length of our dryer vent then turn our HEPA vacuum and brush system around and clean your dryer as well. Our professional, Crimshield Certified Crime-Free service technicians will get your dryer vent cleaned out so you can get back to drying... safely!

Dryer Vent Cleaning service is only $119
No silly extra charges for additional feet of dryer vent or anything like that. We clean the entire length of the vent, then turn our equipment around and clean the dryer from the rear exhaust to lint trap as well. Plus we'll reunite you with any of your missing socks we find when moving your dryer! 

Your fire department recommends annual cleaning of your dryer vent!


Pro Tip:

The Difference between Lint Traps and Dryer Vents
The lint trap is your dryer's first line of defense against lint build up. It is usually clearly marked and easily accessible. Typically it's located right inside the dryer's door or on top of the dryer. The lint trap is used to catch the majority of the lint from your laundry before it gets into your dryer vent. The lint trap should be cleaned out after each dryer use.

Your dryer vent on the other hand is located behind your dryer and is connected to the vent via a flexible silver duct. The dryer vent is the exhaust vent/ducting system that exhausts the heat from your dryer to the outside of your home. During the dryer cycle lint from your laundry can sneak past the lint catcher and begin to build up in your dryer vent, even if you are good about cleaning off your lint catcher every time. In about the span of a year (sometimes less) the lint build up can create a blockage or restrictions in your vent.

Joe Filter’s Neighborhood Safety Special

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Schedule your dryer vent cleaning with your neighbors and save money!