Spring Fire Safety - Part 1: Check Your Smoke Detectors

Fire Dept Smoke Detectors Branded.png

When is the last time you you checked on your smoke detectors? In the event of a fire your smoke detectors are typically your first and only line of defense against a fire.

Like any other electrical device/appliance smoke detectors don’t last forever. They are designed to last for 10 years if maintained properly. Now we know a lot of people out there may be surprised by the fact they only last 10 years, but if you think about it most of us will have gone through at least 5 smartphones by then. So is it really that surprising that the life saving device in your home only last 5 times longer than your smartphone? If properly maintained that is. ;)

To maintain your smoke detectors they need to be inspected, tested, and serviced on a semi regular basis. This is a pretty easy task. It just means changing their batteries, blowing dust/cobwebs away from its sensor and pressing the test button to confirm they work. The hardest parts of this is remembering and finding time in your schedule to do it. Not to mention climbing the ladder to reach them. The Fire Department recommends doing this every 6 months. Check out our smoke detector service.

In short, check on your smoke detectors because in an emergency you want them to be able to check on you.