We Love Cleaning BBQs

BBQ Grill Cleaning... Everyone sure enjoys a nicely cooked steak on the barbecue, but no one enjoys the cleanup, which can be quite can be messy, especially if you have been putting it off.

The Joe Filter BBQ Clean-Up Service gets your grill spiffed up and ready for the BBQ season! Not to be confused with BBQ restoration and repair services, Joe Filter's BBQ cleaning is fast and affordable. In about one and a half hours a Joe Filter service technician will have your BBQ cleaned inside and out so you can get back to grilling!

Our BBQ clean up service is a thorough cleaning of the BBQ focusing on the health and safety related areas such as the grill where you cook your food all the way down to the pan where potential grease fires can begin. We also clean-up the outside and any cabinets attached. Our BBQ Clean Up service is not a restoration service and we do not do any repairs... but your BBQ will be looking great, it will be super clean, and it will be ready for some grilling!

BBQ Clean Up Service starts at ONLY $150


Pro Tip:

Clean BBQ Grills cook better… and last longer.